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St. Peter's is more than its church building, bricks and mortar, steeple and doors.  It is a people, a community of people.  Young and old, individuals and families, newcomers and the long active, we are called together to be fed by expressions of God's Word and Sacraments, to share ministries rooted in those gifts, and sent out to be  blessing to the world.

For over a century St. Peter's has been opening its doors to welcome people who have come to pray and learn, to work and play, to support and be supported by one another.  God's love, as revealed in Jesus and now renewed through the Spirit, provides both focus and foundation for our shared life.

Our doors open wide enough to welcome you, your questions, you hopes, your gifts.  This community invites you to encounter and claim God's love for you among us, to experience some expression of our common life, perhaps to discover a place and community that provides fresh meaning and purpose to your own life.  And so we invite you,




James and John left all that they had known and the future they had prepared for to follow Jesus on a path they couldn't predict. When during that journey they asked Jesus for the places of honor in the coming kingdom, Jesus knew that once again they didn't know what they were in for. Yet James did indeed drink from the same cup as Jesus when he became the first apostle to be killed for his faith. We, who also want to pin down God's promise to us, pray that we will have the faith to follow Jesus into a future that is not the one we would have planned.

James, Apostle  James and his brother John were the sons of Zebedee, fishermen by trade before their call from Jesus. He was the first of the twelve apostles to be martyred, and his death is the only one recorded in scripture (Acts 12:1-2).

For the month of JULY we are collecting school supplies.

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MISSION TEAM LEAVES FOR GUATEMALA on Saturday, July 25th. Use this link to follow the journey. Feel free to leave encouraging words for the team.

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