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Our Staff
Our Staff

Dr. John D. Litke

John Litke was born in Winchester MA and grew up in upstate New York.  He is married to Louise Lockier who is a Spiritual Director and they live in Huntington New York.

John's undergraduate education was at MIT and he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Physics from Johns Hopkins.  He taught graduate and undergraduate physics at Johns Hopkins, developed databases at Bell Laboratories, was Principal Scientist of Photocircuits and a Director of  Computer Science Research for Northrop Grumman.   He was Director of Future Technologies for ABC Television and the Director of Advanced Development for YOUpowered, an internet software company and was Assistant to the Bishop of the Metropolitan New York Synod. He is the founding manager of St. Peter’s Business Services, providing financial recordkeeping, free training and strategic planning services to congregations since 2002. St.Peter's Business Services has provided financial recordkeeping services to 22 congregations since 2002. 

He has served as Vice President of the Metropolitan New York Synod, board member of the Interchurch Center in New York, and President of National Lutheran Campus Ministry. 

John  was a leader for Lutheran University Ministry  in Cambridge MA and Baltimore MD. He has been active in parish work at St. Peter's Lutheran Church Huntington Station, serving as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Chair of the Property Committee and Education Committee. He teaches Adult Christian Education classes and is the author of 24 adult education courses.  He was responsible for the synod continuing education classes given since 1995 at General Seminary in New York.  He has lead retreats, continuing education, and graduate level courses on the conversation between Science and Theology. He is a member of the IEEE, ACM, Sigma Xi, New York Academy of Sciences and the Society of Biblical Literature.

He has published in Quantum Electronics, Human Factors, Operations Research, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Digital Television Technology, Old Testament exegesis and a book on New Testament exegesis (The Thirteenth Disciple: Samaritan Woman as Savant).


Rev. Kenneth Hessel


Pastor Hessel was ordained and installed in July of 1987 as Associate Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Schleswig, IA and remained there until 1990.  In that year he accepted a call to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Omaha, NE before accepting another call to Faith Lutheran Church in Huntsville, TX .  In 1998 Pastor Hessel accepted a call to be Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Old Westburry, NY

Pastor Hessel is the Chaplain, Firefighter, and Emergency Medical Technician for the Westburry volunteer fire department.  It was through this that he was at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th & 12th, 2001.


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